Haunted House

Haunted House Video Slot Review

Haunted House review by Peter Horwith October 25, 2019

Usually we review a new slot such as Haunted House, we have to examine there are many aspects we must write about. We take note that the video slot has 8 lines in conjunction with 3 game reels. This hidden ghost treasure themed online video slot machine brings lots of game play by displaying graphics including beware of dog, Haunted hallways, game flash and spooky rooms. Additionally Haunted House has candle, flat iron, phonograph, rocking horse, cuckoo clock, book and telephone that add the feeling of this decent hidden ghost treasure slot machine. Offering single spin coin values from $0.01 up to $10.64, this Magnet developed video slot delivers lots of levels. We recommend other online games like Le Chef as it has the 3 reels and 8 lines like Haunted House, similar slots like Pirate Tales and Lucky Dice are fun also. As a lot of Magnet slot machines like this one play similarly so be sure to find one that entertains you the best.

My Haunted House Opinion

We truly loved playing Haunted House, the hidden ghost treasure designed game offers a massive amount of work that places you inside the game showing the beware of dog, haunted hallways, game flash and spooky rooms symbols and graphics. This is one of the slot machines that continues to keep me entertained for a while as I was playing.

Bonus game description in Haunted House

We think the slot bonus part of Haunted House is really cool. Here are explanations on the bonuses you are able to get. I really love the Haunted House Game Flash as well as the fun it produces. This starts once you get landing 3 game flash symbols on the reels. A Beware of Dog is triggered once you achieve landing 3 beware of dog symbols on the reels or via Game Flash, this extra element in my findings appears to produce not as well as some others. A Haunted Hallways is triggered by getting landing 3 haunted house symbols on the reels or via Game Flash, this extra element in my experience seems to produce very good. If you enjoy large sums of winnings, the Spooky Rooms would come across as it was produced for you. It's as easy as getting landing 3 spooky rooms symbols on the reels or via Game Flash to launch. If you enjoy big piles of credits, the Jackpot Flash would appear as it was designed for you. It's as simple as getting Beware of Dog, Haunted House or Spooky Rooms to launch. I am sure you realize that like many bonuses, the Haunted House bonuses is where you can really get the tide changing bonus win. The chance to collect way more than bet is a great part of bonus rounds.

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